BEAUBEAGLES - For your charming Companion Beagle


The Puggle is a mix between the Beagle and Pug dog breeds.  The F2 Hybrids are Puggle x Puggle or second generation. They have plenty of wrinkles from the Pug and the longer muzzle, ears and tail of the Beagle.  A mix that offers you a fun personality and stunning looks.  Puggles befriend children and other dogs and make playful family companions. 

Puggles are excellent for novice owners as they are easy going and low maintenance, having short coats that needs minimal grooming - weekly brushing to get rid of loose hair.  They make hopeless guard dogs as they are friendly towards strangers.

Unique appearance and friendly nature has driven a rapid rise in popularity since the first Puggle was bred in 1990.

Often referred to as designer dogs rather than a mixed breed as they are bred on purpose from two popular breeds.  The personality of your unique puppy depends on the shuffle of the genetic card. 

Puppies will be playful and will need daily exercise enjoying a couple of 15 minute walks plus playtime.

Puggles are people lovers and should live indoors with the family.  Like their parents they enjoy their meals and can become overweight.  Keep your Puggle in good shape by regular exercise and a sensible diet.

Diet - To avoid digestive upset we recommend you keep puppy on the same diet.  Although puppy will leave with a sample of food, you are able to purchase a 15kg bag from us at £49.99.  Puppy will also leave with a bottle of our own Spring water.

Puppies will be Parvo vaccinated (Primary course) and microchipped.  Worming and de-flea treatment will be completely up to date on collection.  They will also be insured for four weeks with Petplan.  Puppies will also be well on their way to being toilet trained, well socialised and ready for the next chapter in life.

Puppies will leave with their Microchip details, Health Plan information which includes worming and de-flea treatment dates, Insurance documents and a sample of food.

£100 non refundable reservation fee secures.  All major credit and debit cards accepted.

DEFRA approved courier service can be arranged at your own additional cost.

We have more photos of puggles that won't fit on this page....

Fawn Dog, white socks.

Tri-coloured Dog 

Fawn and Cream Bitch

Fawn Dog Puggle

Fawn with chocolate mask (white socks) Bitch Pup