BEAUBEAGLES - For your charming Companion Beagle
A healthy Beagle is a Happy Beagle.  They should be wormed regularly, vaccinated against disease and checked for fleas.  Diet also plays an important role in keeping your Beagle healthy.
Dogs can suffer from different types of worms.  The most common are tapeworm and roundworm.  It should also be remembered that fleas can carry the tapeworm infection.  Regular worming (as discussed with your Vet) should be carried out.
Fleas feed on a dog's blood.  They cause itching, skin problems and carry infection such as tapeworm.  It is important to treat your dog for fleas (as discussed with your Vet).
Puppys will have received their first 6-1 vaccination on collection and  the 2nd at your request at an additional charge of £30 provided puppy is at least 10 weeks old.  All puppies need two courses.  Following these two vaccinations your puppy will then need to receive an annual booster 12 months apart.  The vaccine should cover Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Leptospirosis.  There are also vaccines available to cover Kennel cough.  Your puppy will also have undergone a thorough vet check at the same time. 

MICROCHIPPING We can microchip your puppy for £30, provided your request is made before week 8, when puppy visits our Vet.

Vet Checks
Many of our bitches have been heart and eye checked by a Specialist Vet and hold the relevant certificates.  This does not however guarantee your puppy's health.  It must, however be pointed out that Bow sires extremely healthy puppies and our bitches' bloodlines are examined thoroughly to ensure a healthy litter.
Every care is taken to give our puppies the best possible start in life and the best puppy food is introduced at a very early age. It is imperative that puppy's diet is continued in their new home to avoid tummy upsets and to reduce them being homesick.  People often want to change the food ~ AT THEIR OWN PERIL!!
Exercise plays an important part in the mental and physical health of your Puppy.  Puppy's should never be over exerted but should be allowed to enjoy light exercise followed by lots of rest/sleep.  Too little attention will result in an unhappy lethargic Beagle.