BEAUBEAGLES - For your charming Companion Beagle
  • Walk Puppy in small doses followed by one hour play, a feed then three hours sleep.
  • Never let a Puppy run endlessly after a ball or stick.
  • Do not let Puppy romp wildly with larger dogs.
  • Do not let Puppy play on a full stomach.
  • Do not give Puppy anything to drink straight after its food.
  • Do not let Puppy go up and down stairs in its first year.  Also beware of smooth floors.
  • Never add supplements to ready made dog food.
  • Watch Puppy's weight.  Being overweight can lead to bone abnormalities.
  • Give puppy a quiet place to sleep.
  • Pick Puppy up carefully, one hand under its chest and the other hand under its hindquarters.